Hello (ជំរាបសួរ),

I’m Charles and that’s my forehead. I live in Red Hill, a quiet town along busier roads about an hour from Philadelphia. I have a degree in Computer Science but I’ve done a lot of not so techie things in my life; like spending three years working with irrigation projects in rural Cambodia. I love technology but I also love experiencing new things and connecting with my fellow human beings.

I’m thrilled to live during the most profound technological revolution since the printing press. All of the new emerging information technology excites me, not just because it’s cool but also because it’s all about connecting people – across distances, cultures, and barriers like disability.

While I’ve taken well over a dozen Information Technology classes, most of what I know in that area – and I know a lot – I taught myself. Six years of home-schooling, from fourth to tenth grade, taught me to pursue learning on my own initiative. I love to learn, not just about technology but about everything – that proved a valuable trait when I was implementing a social media campaign for Elder Depot a few years ago. In the beginning, I didn’t know much about elder care but I think I proved a quick study, soon I writing articles like Keeping Seniors Safe and Warm this Winter and Tweeting with experts like Seniors for Living.