Charles Conklin

Computer Scientist with a keen interest in technologies that allow for the holistic integration of social media and websites, leading to relationship building web experiences that bridge traditional barriers.

Writing Portfolio

The following are examples of my writing, each sample chosen to demostrate a different style.

Angkearhdei School Project: Letter to Donors

The rains came early this year bringing cool relief from the dusty hot season but putting the efforts of enterprising farmers who had planted rice along the Sap River's edge at risk of ruin. Families of farmers worked desperately to harvest their rice before the rising waters swallowed it. Despite their effort much of the grain that was gathered in time was premature or could not be dried out before mildew set in.

Meet the Candidates: Sam Rainsy

The first candidate presented is the leader of the established opposition party, Sam Rainsy of the Sam Rainsy Party. Mr. Sam has a reputation in Cambodia of being something of a slanderer; well actually, in point of fact, he also has the criminal record to back it up. Since he was expelled from his government position as Minister of Finance in 1994, Mr. Sam has been the most outspoken surviving critic of what passes for democracy in Cambodia. Despite constant threats and several attempts on his life, Sam Rainsy has only grown more bold in confronting the current powers that be. No one doubts that Mr. Sam is driven and brave, the question is why is he so driven?

Sangha Health Equity Fund Concept Paper

  • Country, Plan Title & Partner: Cambodia, Sangha Health Equity Fund, Rural Pagodas.
  • Brief Description of project: To develop and implement a holistic approach by which existing institutions in rural communities can provide economic support for and improve the quality of public healthcare for the rural poor.
  • Anticipated start and end dates: 3 years