Charlotte and Victor Playing Chess

The Dengue fatigue hit me hard this evening and I’ve been up in the bedroom resting. When I came down to get some water I was surprised/delighted to see Charlotte playing Chess with Victor – one of the YAMEN participants from Kenya. I taught her how to play last year but never expected her to play unless I initiated.

Chess was an important stepping stone for me during a time when my social skills were atrophied to near non-existence. That’s a story for another time but…because of that it’s very rewarding for me to see Charlotte making connections across age and culture through Chess. Also all those other great social lessons like taking turns, reading the other person, handling success/disappointment appropriately, communicating about rules disagreements, etc.

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  1. Homer Wood says:

    Thanks for sharing; I trust that you are feeling better

  2. Emma Marie Hanna says:

    Best wishes son, for this Dengue to completely subside sooner rather than later. Love that Charlotte and Victor were playing chess, under the watchful eye of Catherine. Noticed that Charlotte has her pieces in a triangular shape, that’s the artist in her:)) Grateful Victor is there!

  3. Nick and Maria says:

    Hope you are well soon. We miss you, hope you are very happy

    1. Charles says:

      Great to hear from you. Believe it or not, I do find myself thinking of you two.

      I miss you both but am also very happy here despite the difficulties.

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