Juniper Tree

Two weeks ago we stayed at Juniper Tree, a Christian retreat center in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  Shockingly green with grass and trees and wood colors after the red-dusted grey of Phnom Penh, the center contains multiple tree-houses, a dining hall, library, prayer room, meeting room and pool.  It’s easy to guess which of these the girls favored! 

The girls loved the playground equipment.

While Charles and I attended meetings, the girls mastered the multiple playgrounds and obstacle courses between the houses and swam daily in the beautiful pool. 

MCC personnel gathered in Thailand from across Asia for meetings and training.

Primarily Western style food, with an abundance of our much-missed dairy options like milk, yogurt and butter for breakfast, we ate well all week.  Given the age and needs of our girls, we opted out of most of the evening activities except for the last night. 

Charles, weary with workshops and still recovering from Dengue, stayed with Catherine while Charlotte and I attended a Thai dinner and dance performance.  Charlotte excited exclaimed over everything during dinner, from the fried bananas to the jin-jocks (small lizards) running around the electric lights.  Her delight only increased during the dance performance was traditional apsara-style dances combined with Thai storytelling.  She was so excited she stayed awake the entire way back to Juniper Tree and then passed out as soon as she lay down. 

The next day we headed back to our home in Cambodia!

Boarding the flight to Bangkok with Sopheap and Maly.
The girls were happy to be back in Cambodia! It’s nice to come home.

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  1. Homer Wood says:

    Very interesting; thanks…..

  2. glendalandis says:

    It is nice the family could enjoy the retreat. It looks like you had a great time !

  3. Rose Graber says:

    Oh, how lovely. What wonderful memories the girls will have! But always good to be home!

  4. Janet Panning says:

    What wonderful experiences Charlotte and Catherine are having!

  5. Marcia Parker says:

    I am so glad you had a change of scene, food, activities, people, and all the rest! It must have been so humbling and frightening having Charles be so very sick in Cambodia! My grandson, Cole, spent 10 weeks at the Elephant Refuge in Chiang Mai this past winter. He loved it!

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