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  1. rose graber says:

    Sign of hope and peace!

  2. Emma Marie Hanna says:

    Very Cool!! BTW, I can’t picture you not pulling over to take a photo, we know you had Charlotte take it…JOKING!! <3

  3. Homer Wood says:

    And the pot of gold?

  4. Joyce shutt says:

    thinking of you and grateful that all of you are part of our lives. happy thanksgiving a world away.

  5. Earl E Shutt says:

    Is there a better place to talk about more personal matters, then here?

    1. Charles says:

      We are in the province on a field visit. When we get back to the city let’s set up a time for a call. In general, email is good for less public discussions.

      We think of you all in Fairfield regularly. I’m on this path because of you and so my thoughts turn back to you often. (Also to Bluffton.)

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