The week of broken things

The last 5 days have been full of brokenness. 

It started last Friday.  In my eagerness to set up the partner meeting, I moved a portion of the glass table by myself.  My sweaty hands slipped and glass fell hard on my leg, cutting into my shin in two places, leaving spectacular bloody trails all over the office.  I am so grateful for our guard Bo Chien and the cook/cleaner Bong Mum who helped clean me and the office up while Charles retrieved the first aid supplies and our very competent staff finished the meeting set up without injuring any of themselves. 

On Saturday, Charles took Charlotte to retrieve a bicycle for me from our office.  I felt ready to start biking, especially as the cost of getting a cheap tuk-tuk adds up over time!  On the way back, Charlotte put her heel into the bike spokes, shearing the skin off of her heel and ankle.  In a dead panic, Charlotte tolerated no assistance but we bandaged her up and gave it a little time.  The next day the wound looked much worst and we scheduled an appointment with a medical clinic to have it debried and cleaned.  Charles was a hero as he restrained Charlotte while 3 nurses and a doctor cleaned her wound.  She can’t walk on that foot and we are keeping her home this week.

Sunday our roof began to leak and the internet went out.  I’m told that these aren’t related.  Out attic is still 3 inches deep in water and our water pressure is minimal as we bath and cook without water from the water tank on the roof.  The landlord came out and is working on it.  The internet is still a mystery.

Yesterday on the way home from work my water bottle broke.  Just fell off my bag onto the street. 

This morning while I went to the bathroom, Catherine decided she wanted a different flavor of jam on her pancakes and my competent 2-year old got herself out of her seat, across the kitchen and into the fridge.  By the time I came out of the bathroom (it’s right next to the kitchen), my favorite precious comfort food blackberry jam jar had been shattered across the dining room and kitchen floors.  Catherine was responsibly trying to clean it up, making me proud and terrified at the same time. 

So I suppose it hasn’t been a full week yet, but I’m ok if the week of broken things decides that today is the last day and we can move on to the week of fixed things, healthy people and/or calm routine. 

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  1. Mary Rittenhouse says:

    This is quite a saga. Broken objects are easier to replace and repair than broken relationships. So, you have everything under control, Crystal. Blessings to you all.Mary for Hubert, too

  2. Anya says:

    Oh, how hard all of these broken things must seem right now, Crystal and Charles. Praying that God gives you peace as you mend, and for your continued safety. Sending lots of love!!

  3. Homer Wood says:

    Yuose certainly lead an exciting life. Glad all seems to be resolving quickly

  4. rose graber says:

    Love and prayers!

  5. Phil Birkey says:

    Just catching up on all your adventures today. So sorry for the rough events of late!

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