Three Churches in Cambodia

I thought you might be interested in seeing some some photos of the three Churches in Cambodia that I’ve visited (only one on Sunday) since arriving last week.

Prey Veng Christian Centre

This is one of the two churches that I usually attended when I lived in Prey Veng ten years ago (the other was the local Catholic church when I needed something more meditative). This is the new building – I’ll get some 10 years ago and now photos up in a later post. I stopped by when I was on a field visit last Friday and we plan to attend when we go out for the weekend as a family. When I attended this church had approximately 100 regular attendants but now it’s down to 50 as many people have moved to the city. This church has been heavily supported by churches in Singapore over the years though MCC also provided some start-up assistance to it decades ago.

New Life Fellowship

This is the Khmer language church that I most often attended when I was in Phnom Penh during my first term (I would usually come into capital once a month for meetings). My friend Seiha and her husband Pisit invited us to attend last Sunday. This is another new building but I don’t know that I have photos of this church from 10 years ago to do a comparison post. This congregation has about 3,000 regular attendants over five Sunday services. We are strongly considering this as our regular church in Phnom Penh for a few reasons; 1) they are Khmer speaking, 2) we know a lot of people who come here, and 3) they have a children’s program.

Phnom Penh Mennonite

I was here briefly on Wednesday with Phillip Yoder, the Exchange Coordinator, to deliver furniture for the incoming class of SALT and YAMEN participants who are arriving this afternoon. The Phnom Penh Mennonite church hosts YAMEN and SALT participants to Cambodia in its dormitories during their first month of language and culture study. I’m not sure how many regular attendants this church has but I am hoping to attend this Sunday (we are also planning to attend New Life Fellowship so some scheduling is required). I don’t think that we’ll attend here as a family since there is no children’s program but, who knows, maybe something will change on that front.

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    Sounds like you are having a fascinating time!

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