Three Languages, None Khmer

Yesterday morning at the local market in Phnom Penh a boy asked me, in English, “Do you speak Vietnamese?” I know maybe seven words of Vietnamese so I answered with, “Xin chào.” He responded in Chinese with, “Wo hen hao.” I have to thank the bookshop owner in Prey Veng for teaching me enough Chinese to recognize that!

Also, I have to say that – despite the heat, crowds, and chaos – I love the traditional markets here. They are a communal space.

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  1. EmmaMarie Hanna says:

    What a cool experience! Quite interesting that none were Khmer. I really enjoy hearing about your adventures.

  2. Homer Wood says:

    Next you will be speaking in Tongues.

    1. Charles says:

      That would be helpful in Myanmar. There are around one hundred dialects/languages spoken there!

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