Given our proximity to China, the single confirmed case in Cambodia and the cruise ship situation, I thought it would be worth updating people on our response to the new novel coronavirus which is spreading across the world. 

First, you should know that we are not worried.  Healthcare in Cambodia has improved dramatically in the last decade and while we are still not on par with some of our neighbors, many Cambodian hospitals can and do deliver effective medical treatment. Second, just because we aren’t worried doesn’t mean we aren’t cautious.  It seems unlikely that cases of coronavirus are limited to the 1 reported person a month ago and we are following the news regularly to stay up to date on preventative measures.  Charles and I have experience in healthcare and it seems that handwashing is still the most effective way to protect ourselves.  We gave our staff a training on thorough handwashing shortly after the outbreak started and have purchased individual hand-sanitizers for staff to use regularly. 

Additionally, we have in place a plan for staff to work from home in the event that someone on staff does become infected or the city indicates that travel around the city isn’t safe.  Finally, I wish I could report that everyone is healthy, but that’s not the case right now.  Many of our staff have colds, one lost her voice, another had strep and another is taking antibiotics due to amoeba in his gut. 

Also, both girls have had moderate fevers this week.  So we appreciate prayers for health and safety of our family and the MCC staff for the many routine illnesses that surround us right now.  

We hope and pray for each of you to stay healthy and safe in your own environment.  

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  1. Bonny Snyder says:

    Thanks for the update Crystal. I was wondering how you guys were fairing. There’s a lot of flu and stuff going around here too. Stay safe.

  2. rose graber says:

    “They” say that masks help about 70%…can have them homemade if medical ones are not available…

    1. Charles says:

      An analysis of 22 studies concluded that human coronaviruses can remain infectious on inanimate surfaces for up to nine days at room temperature. Nine days!

      So the mask effectiveness thing that ‘they’ have been sharing is a bit misleading. It’s 70% effective if someone coughs in your immediate space. That’s helpful in an airplane, on the bus, at the Doctor’s, maybe at the market. Otherwise masks are largely a placebo. They do nothing to help if someone coughed in their hands and then touched a railing, a doorknob, or the paper money they used to buy a mask. This is why proper handwashing is the number one preventative measure.

  3. Mike Derstine says:

    Thanks for the helpful update! Sounds like you have done an excellent job of preparing your staff! Praying that the girls recover quickly and you all stay healthy and germ-free! God bless!

  4. Homer Wood says:

    Thank you for updating me on your situation. I am trusting that all will go well with all of you.

  5. Barb Gebelein says:

    Thanks for sharing! Team “ sing the abc song or happy birthday “ while you wash your hands – always the best way to go!!!
    Praying for you all to remain safe and healthy

  6. Emma Marie Hanna says:

    Nine days?! That’s wild! Love and prayers for healing/health and protection for each of you. Also for the MCC staff. Thank you for the update.

  7. Thank you for the update. This virus situation is a reminder of how connected our world is.

  8. Nancy Sharpe says:

    Thanks for sharing! It sounds like you are well prepared! Will be praying for health and healing for your family and staff!

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